35 Things to Do in Florida: Your Ultimate Bucket List Guide

Ready to dive into the heart of Florida’s charm? This Sunshine State is brimming with adventures, from serene beaches to heart-pumping theme parks. It’s a playground for every kind of explorer.

Our Ultimate Bucket List of 35 Things to Do in Florida is your gateway to unforgettable experiences.

Whether you’re after thrills, culture, or relaxation, pack your spirit of adventure and let Florida amaze you!

1. South Beach

Welcome to the vibrant South Beach, where there’s no shortage of excitement! Take a stroll along the Art Deco District to admire the unique architecture and lively atmosphere.

South Beach Miami
South Beach, Miami, FL” by James Willamor is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Photo may have been modified, resized, or cropped from original.

Live it up on the glamorous South Beach, an excellent spot to people-watch and bask in the Florida sun.

One visitor on TripAdvisor raved, “South Beach is the place to be, with endless fun and excitement!”

Fit in some relaxation at the serene Collins Park, a little slice of paradise in the heart of Miami’s shore. You’ll love the swaying palm trees and open, carefree energy.

To cap off your South Beach experience, make sure to try the diverse and delicious culinary scene. From mouth-watering seafood to Cuban delights, there’s something for every palate.

2. Clearwater Beach

When you visit Florida, make sure to experience the activities at Clearwater Beach. The warm Gulf waters and sugar-white sands create an inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.

Clearwater Beach

In TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards, Clearwater Beach has earned its position as a favored destination in 2016, 2018, and 2019.

One popular activity on Clearwater Beach is embarking on a dolphin and sunset boat tour. Mega Bite and Little Toot are two fantastic options, offering informative tours while giving you a chance to watch playful dolphins at close range. If you like a faster pace, try the Sea Screamer, a 35mph speedboat adventure!

For an immersive experience, stroll down Pier 60. This 1,080-foot fishing pier extends into the Gulf, offering visitors a chance to rent equipment and join the local fishermen. Additionally, Pier 60 is a popular spot for recreation and activities for the entire family.

Finally, don’t forget to make some time for ultimate R&R at America’s Best Beaches. With the powder-soft sands and gorgeous sunsets, you’re sure to make lasting memories at Clearwater Beach.

3. Miami Beach

The heart of South Florida, Miami Beach is where you’ll experience the vibrant nightlife and gorgeous beaches.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach’s iconic Ocean Drive is a perfect starting point to soak in the Art Deco architecture and lively atmosphere.

As you explore the area, make sure to visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens – a stunning historic estate with Italian Renaissance gardens. One traveler on Yelp highly recommended it, praising its beauty and history.

While in Miami Beach, don’t miss out on Barnacle Historic State Park, a glimpse into early Florida pioneer life. Enjoy a relaxing stroll, take in the views, and imagine life in old Florida.

Feel the breeze on your skin while experiencing a tropical escape in Coconut Grove. Hop on the trolley and wander through tree-lined streets filled with unique shops, galleries, and restaurants.

4. Sanibel Island

Welcome to the Sanibel Island! This stunning destination is known for its wildlife and nature reserves.

Sanibel Island

At the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, you can observe a variety of captivating creatures in their natural habitats.

When you’re not birdwatching, indulge in some relaxation at Bowman’s Beach. Renowned for its seashell carpet, it’s the ideal spot for basking in the sun and enjoying the surf. While exploring the island, rent a bike or kayake to discover hidden coves with your own eyes.

Looking for a place to eat? Treat your taste buds to a meal at *Cielo* on Periwinkle Way. Known for their excellent cuisine, diners rave about the unforgettable experience in Yelp reviews.

5. Walt Disney World

Florida is known for its exciting attractions, and Walt Disney World is a must-visit on your bucket list.

Walt Disney World

This magical kingdom offers a variety of experiences, from thrilling rides to immersive shows. Space Mountain is a highly recommended rollercoaster, while the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad promises an unforgettable adventure.

Staying at one of the Disney resorts enhances your vacation, with options like Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort or the Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. These accommodations not only grant easy access to the park, but also provide unique amenities and immersive atmospheres.

Don’t miss out on the countless culinary delights available throughout the park, with over 100 different snack options and restaurants to try!

With endless attractions, luxurious accommodations, and delightful treats, your visit will truly be a magical experience.

6. Universal Studios

Step into a world of excitement and adventure at Universal Studios Florida! From thrilling rides to amazing shows, you will never run out of attractions to explore!

Universal Studios

Start your adventure at the iconic Jurassic Park River Adventure, where you’ll encounter a giant T. rex and experience the feeling of escaping an island full of prehistoric creatures.

Then, don’t miss the chance to witness the colossal ape King Kong in action at Skull Island: Reign of Kong.

A must-try for fans is the magical Harry Potter-themed attractions and immerse yourself in the wizarding world. Don’t forget to sample a refreshing Butterbeer!

Finally, take a nostalgic ride with E.T. on the classic E.T. Adventure Ride. A YouTube comment even says, “E.T. is a classic, and every time I ride it, it feels like I’m reliving my childhood.” Embrace your inner child and make memories to last a lifetime!

7. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Explore the thrill of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, a must-visit theme park in Florida.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

With over 335 acres and 2000 animals, it offers something for everyone! As you wander through, you’ll discover themed sections inspired by Africa, such as Egypt, Congo, and Morocco.

Experience some of the most incredible roller coasters, like Montu or Cheetah Hunt, which a TripAdvisor user dubbed “fast and fun!” Don’t forget to take a moment to marvel at the productive animal conservation efforts the park is known for.

At Busch Gardens, you can also dive into delicious eateries, like Zambia Smokehouse for mouthwatering barbecue. Watch spectacular live performances, such as the “unique acrobatic performance” in the Morocco section.

The park offers various special events, such as the Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival and Sesame Street® Kids’ Weekends, so there’s never a dull moment! Planning your visit just got more exciting!

8. Everglades National Park

Discover the diverse flora and fauna of the Everglades National Park, a unique ecological wonderland spread across 1.5 million acres.

Everglades National park
Everglades National Park” by US Department of State is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0. Photo may have been modified, resized, or cropped from original.

You can choose from a variety of activities such as hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and biking while exploring the park’s distinct ecosystems, including mangroves, pinelands, and estuaries.

Time spent in the Everglades becomes more memorable when you try their saltwater fishing or camping opportunities. Connect with nature like never before as you encounter over 350 bird species, manatees, alligators, and even crocodiles!

According to a TripAdvisor review, “Visiting the park was the highlight of our Florida trip!” So, make sure not to miss out on this essential Florida experience.

Remember, there are three entrances to the Everglades, each offering unique access points to its splendor.

9. Dry Tortugas National Park

Visiting Dry Tortugas National Park is a must for your Florida bucket list. Here, you can explore the historic Fort Jefferson, snorkel along vibrant coral reefs, and even camp under the stars.

Dry Tortugas National Park

This national park is 99% underwater, offering a unique experience 70 miles off Key West’s coast.

From the stunning coral reefs to the mesmerizing blue waters, you’re in for a treat. Immerse yourself in recreational activities such as snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and camping. Delve into history with a tour of Fort Jefferson, or relax on the white sand beaches with crystal-clear waters that will make you feel like you’re in paradise.

The park’s significance dates back to the 1500s when Ponce de Leon discovered the archipelago and named it after the 100 sea turtles he captured there.

Dive in, explore, and let this extraordinary place capture your heart during your Florida adventure.

10. Crystal River

If you’re seeking unforgettable experiences, Crystal River should be at the top of your Florida bucket list.

Crystal River
Endangered Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus), Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, Florida” by USFWS Endangered Species is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Photo may have been modified, resized, or cropped from original.

Start your adventure by swimming with manatees – these gentle sea cows will capture your heart! Besides Crystal River, here are other best places to see manatees in Florida.

Explore the Crystal River State Archaeological Site and delve into history. You’ll be amazed by the preserved Native American ceremonial mounds.

For the art lover in you, pay a visit to the renowned Franklin Anderson Gallery, known for its exquisite collection. After that, gear up for some thrills with the immersive Florida Tree Top Adventure.

11. St. Augustine

Stroll down the historic St. George Street, where you’ll find charming shops, delightful eateries, and fascinating historical sites.

St. Augustine

Enjoy the lively atmosphere as you meander through this central pedestrian passageway.

Visit the Colonial Quarter to step back in time and explore the history of America’s oldest city. Quench your thirst for knowledge as you tour the grounds of the impressive Castillo de San Marcos National Monument.

For the outdoor enthusiasts, indulge in beach bonfires, surfing, and wildlife sightings to connect with Florida’s natural beauty. You can also visit parks, gardens, and museums for a rich and varied experience.

Don’t forget to hop aboard the Old Town Trolley Tour to soak up the local vibes while getting acquainted with the city. One TripAdvisor reviewer raved, “Amazing tour and so informative! A must-do when in St. Augustine.”

12. The Ernest Hemingway Home

While in Florida, a visit to The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Key West is a must-have experience.

This historic house, where Hemingway wrote about 70% of his lifetime works, will transport you back in time.

Take a guided tour every 15 minutes from 9 AM to 5 PM and explore the place where the Nobel Prize winner created his masterpieces.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful surrounding gardens, marvel at the 17th and 18th-century Spanish furniture, and even meet the famous six-toed cats residing on the property.

One Tripadvisor reviewer described it as “a fascinating insight into Hemingway’s life,” while another praised the knowledgeable guides, saying they “bring Hemingway’s world to life.”

13. Castillo de San Marcos

While visiting Florida, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the historic Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine.

Castillo de San Marcos

As the oldest masonry fortification in the continental United States, this national monument has over 450 years of fascinating history for you to delve into.

Start your journey by embarking on a self-guided tour of the fort, taking your time to wander through the rooms and see how life was lived at Castillo de San Marcos. One visitor on TripAdvisor mentioned that the fort has “terrific views and a wealth of information!”

Don’t forget to take a break and climb atop the fortress, where you can watch boats sail by.

With an admission fee of $15 for adults and free for children under 15, exploring this national monument is a brilliant way to experience Florida’s rich history in a relaxed, friendly ambiance.

14. Miami’s Art Deco District

Growing tired of Miami’s sunny beaches? Check out the Miami Art Deco District and marvel at its well-preserved architecture.

Miami Art Deco District
Miami Beach: Ocean Drive at dusk – the Art Deco District” by Traveller-Reini is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Photo may have been modified, resized, or cropped from original.

With over 800 historic buildings, this district has the largest concentration of Art Deco structures in the United States.

From the pedestrian-only promenade of Lincoln Road to the vibrant shops, bars, and restaurants, you’ll be immersed in the charm of the 1920s.

Nearby, the Art Deco Welcome Center offers guided walking tours to enhance your experience.As you stroll through the district, you’ll find plenty to do and see.

15. Salvador Dali Museum

If surrealism sparks your curiosity, then you’ll delight in a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. Just a 25-minute drive from Tampa, this museum boasts an unparalleled collection of renowned artist Salvador Dali’s work.

Salvador Dali Museum

While you’re there, explore mind-bending exhibits that come alive with surrealistic creativity. One TripAdvisor reviewer even said, “Every corner, every piece, every inch of this museum will leave you in awe.”

Beyond the artwork, you can also enjoy the museum’s stunning architecture, interactive displays, and events. The museum’s design, with its attention-grabbing glass atrium, offers a perfect backdrop for your Dali-inspired selfies.

Soak in the whimsy and inspiration at the Salvador Dali Museum on your Florida bucket list journey.

16. Kennedy Space Center

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center is a must when creating your Florida bucket list. While you’re there, explore outer space and take in the rich history of space exploration at this captivating destination.

Kennedy Space Center

Embarking on a 1-Day Admission Ticket tour permits you to experience the awe-inspiring space shuttle Atlantis up close and relish in the simulator ride. Get a glimpse of where future launches take place and fill your day with excitement.

Dive further into space exploration by taking part in the 5-star rated tours and activities to ensure that your visit is action-packed and informative.

Plan your trip and prepare to be amazed by the vast accomplishments of mankind in this infinite universe. Happy exploring!

17. Snorkeling in the Keys

Florida is home to some amazing snorkeling spots, and the Keys should definitely be on your bucket list.

For a truly unforgettable experience, Alligator Reef offers crystal clear waters and an abundance of marine life. No need to worry though, there are no alligators!

Another popular snorkeling destination is John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, the first undersea park in the US. The seagrass ecosystem and colorful marine life make it a must-see. Don’t forget your waterproof camera!

If you want to explore more, Molasses Reef is a highly recommended spot, just six miles from Key Largo. A TripAdvisor review praises its abundance of marine life and easy accessibility.

For something closer to shore, check out Horseshoe Beach at mile marker 35. A great site to see wonderful marine life right off the shore without the need for a boat. Enjoy your undersea adventure!

18. Airboat Tours

Discover the natural beauty of Florida by embarking on an airboat tour that lets you explore the diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.

Glide through the water and uncover unique ecosystems teeming with alligators, birds, and more.

One popular choice among visitors is Captain Jack’s Airboat Tours, located in Everglades City. A TripAdvisor user praised their experience, saying it was “an exciting and informative tour covering a variety of ecosystems.”

If you’re seeking a fun-filled adventure, try the exhilarating airboat ride for $35 that’s perfect for family and friends. Your unforgettable journey will be enriched with fascinating facts about the area’s flora and fauna.

19. Hiking the Florida Trail

Embark on an adventure by hiking the Florida Trail, where you’ll explore over 1,400 miles from Pensacola Beach to the edge of the Everglades.

Florida Trail

As you wander through diverse landscapes, you’ll find hotspots like the Suwannee Section, offering breathtaking views and even Florida’s only Class III whitewater.

If you’re up for a longer trek, consider thru-hiking the entire Florida National Scenic Trail. Starting in the south lets you tackle the more challenging subtropical cypress swamp before easing into the picturesque white sand beaches of Gulf Island National Seashore.

With a variety of terrain, the Florida Trail proves to be an exciting and rewarding experience. Make sure to take advantage of Florida’s parks, gardens, islands, and springs along the way for even more outdoor fun.

So, lace up your boots, grab your hiking gear, and immerse yourself in the wonders of the Sunshine State’s natural beauty as you conquer the Florida Trail.

20. Orlando International Premium Outlets

If you’re looking for some retail therapy during your Florida adventure, the Orlando International Premium Outlets is the perfect destination for you.

They offer a wide selection of brands to suit all tastes and budgets, making it an essential stop on your journey.

Don’t miss the fantastic range of clothing, shoes, and vacation supplies available at these outlets. The opening hours are very customer friendly, with the stores open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day, including Sundays.

According to a TripAdvisor review, they praise the variety and convenience of these outlets. Indeed, it’s an ideal spot to find gifts and souvenirs to take back home.

Besides shopping, you can also enjoy the lively atmosphere and indulge in delicious treats at the various restaurants and eateries located throughout the outlets.

21. Ybor City

A truly vibrant and unique part of Florida, Ybor City is a must-visit!

Stroll down the fascinating La Septima, the main street brimming with history and stunning architecture. You’ll quickly become enchanted by this eclectic neighborhood.

Indulge yourself in a delightful food walking tour. With every bite, you’ll taste the exceptional local cuisine and rich flavors.

Fancy a spooky adventure? Join the Ghost Hunters Paranormal Ghost Tour. You’ll explore haunting stories that surround Ybor City.

Finally, unleash your creativity at the Ybor Art Studio. Located beneath the shade trees of Centennial Park, the studio offers a range of art classes. Don’t miss this opportunity to craft some lovely memories in Ybor City.

22. Wynwood Walls

If you’re visiting Miami, the Wynwood Walls should be at the top of your Florida bucket list. This incredible outdoor museum showcases over 35 hand-sprayed murals, featuring works from famous graffiti artists like Os Gemeos.

Wynwood Walls

As you stroll through the area, you’ll find yourself immersed in a vivid world of art and creativity.

To make the most of your experience, consider joining an official tour of the Wynwood Walls, which includes the original six buildings and the converted parking lot.

Beyond the walls, you can enjoy the vibrant Wynwood Miami neighborhood with hip eateries, boutiques, and galleries. Don’t forget to document your adventure – one TripAdvisor reviewer mentioned it’s “a photographer’s dream!”

23. Siesta Key Village

Stroll through the charming Siesta Key Village and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of laid-back beach vibes and quirky shops. You’re bound to find unique souvenirs and tasty treats in this relaxing part of Florida.

In no time, you’ll discover the delightful array of restaurants and cafes lining the streets. Satisfy your palate with various dining options, from seafood to casual bites.

Don’t miss the fun events Siesta Key Village hosts throughout the year. Join in on the lively celebrations, like the annual Fiesta on Siesta – an invigorating beach volleyball tournament.

Last, your Siesta Key Village experience won’t be complete without an evening stroll to enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

24. Naples

Florida is home to countless amazing adventures, and Naples is no exception.

Stroll down the vibrant 5th Avenue South or search for seashells at Clam Pass Park for a truly delightful day.

Soak in the natural beauty of the CREW Bird Rookery Swamp Trail as you hike through lush foliage. What’s a trip to Naples without live music? Head over to Sea Salt for a nightly musical experience.

A visit to Historic Palm Cottage will whisk you back in time, giving you a unique glimpse into the city’s past. You can also savor some local flavors by stopping by the RipTide Brewing Company.

Enjoy your Florida adventure to the fullest by exploring these fantastic attractions in Naples!

25. Palm Beach

In Palm Beach, you have a variety of activities to enjoy on your Florida adventure.

Palm Beach

From basking in the sun on some of the best beaches like Juno Beach Park and John D. MacArthur State Park, to exploring cultural and historical sites, there’s always something to delight you.

Try immersing yourself in Florida’s rich history by visiting the Flagler Museum, a lavish winter home built by Henry Flagler for his third wife. For nature enthusiasts, take a water taxi to Peanut Island and explore JFK’s presidential bunker at the Palm Beach Maritime Museum.

Add some thrill to your stay by hopping on a high-speed Brightline train connecting West Palm Beach and Miami, and treat yourself with a first-class ticket for an exclusive experience.

Finally, indulge in a luxurious day as you unwind at the Eau Spa with a day pass granting access to their Garden, Bath lounge, and other amenities.

26. Rocket Launch at Space Coast

Nothing compares to the thrilling experience of watching a rocket launch in person on Florida’s Space Coast. With over 80 launches projected this year, you’re bound to witness history in the making.

One of the can’t-miss launches is the upcoming SpaceX Crew-6. Besides, don’t forget about the highly anticipated ULA Vulcan, which is currently stacked at the ULA Assembly.

Choose an incredible launch viewing spot like the Cocoa Beach Pier, make sure to arrive early to secure the best view. A YouTuber mentioned in their comment, “Cocoa Beach Pier offers an unobstructed view of the launch, it’s surreal!“.

After you’ve experienced the spectacle, the Space Coast’s offerings don’t stop at launches. From indulging in delicious cuisines to exploring local attractions, your Space Coast adventure will be out of this world.

27. Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is a must-visit event on your Florida bucket list. This festival offers delicious food and drink options from around the globe, giving you a chance to explore new flavors.

Savor various world-class dishes as you eat your way through the marketplaces. Don’t miss out on fabulous EPCOT food booths, enjoyed by visitors and praised on TripAdvisor for their mouth-watering offerings.

As you roam, enjoy live music and culinary demonstrations to enhance your experience.

Get ready to embark on a tasteful adventure as you indulge in the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in your Florida vacation.

28. Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square in Key West

Visiting Key West? Don’t miss the famous Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square. It is a nightly arts festival that offers fun for everyone! You’ll find locals and tourists gathered around two hours before sunset to enjoy the festivities.

This event boasts a variety of performances and craft displays such as psychics, street performers, and food carts. Mingle with the crowd and admire the talent showcased, all while waiting for that breathtaking sunset.

Your adventure isn’t complete without trying the water sports available off Mallory Square, like parasailing, snorkeling, and jet skiing. Embrace the Key West vibe to the fullest during your visit.

As one TripAdvisor user puts it, “Sunset Celebration is the epitome of what Key West is all about.” So, go and create unforgettable memories of your Florida bucket list experience.

29. Sunset Cruise in Tampa Bay

Imagine yourself sailing through the waters of Tampa Bay on a romantic sunset cruise.

You’ll find a variety of options, such as the St. Pete Beach Sunset Cruise that offers an intimate experience, perfect for couples.

On this memorable journey, you can enjoy your favorite drink and savor hors-d’oeuvres while admiring the breathtaking views of Tampa Bay’s calm waters. One happy cruiser shared on Yelp how amazing it was to watch an unforgettable sunset onboard their cruise.

Get ready to capture the glistening colors of the sky as the sun sets on your Tampa Bay adventure.

30. Daytona 500

At the Daytona 500, you’ll experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. This iconic NASCAR race is a thrill for any car enthusiast. Enjoy the roaring engines and exciting atmosphere at this legendary event.

NASCAR Daytona

Do more than just watch the race, join a garage tour or feel the speed first-hand on a track tour. These unique experiences are perfect for creating unforgettable memories. One TripAdvisor reviewer said the Daytona 500 was “absolutely amazing” and couldn’t believe the experience.

Take a break from the race with a visit to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. Immerse yourself in racing history and discover the stories of the sport’s legends.

Finally, don’t forget your Daytona 500 merchandise as a memento of your incredible visit.

31. Naples Pier at Sunset

Visiting the Naples Pier at sunset is a must-do when in Florida. Feel the warm Gulf breeze as you stroll along the 1,000-foot pier with the magnificent sun dipping into the horizon. Marvel at the vibrant fusion of oranges, pinks, and purples painting the sky.

Naples Pier

Don’t miss the chance to capture these breathtaking moments. Arrive at least a half hour before sunset to find the perfect spot and stay until the blue hour, which happens 15 minutes after the sun sets, for a truly stunning experience.

Have your camera ready to snap amazing photos with the pier as the perfect silhouette backdrop. Many locals and visitors gather here, making it a wonderful place to meet new friends and share the enchanting experience.

While you’re there, a TripAdvisor user suggests grabbing a treat from the concession stand to enjoy as you watch the beautiful sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico.

32. Florida Gators Football Game in Gainesville

Experience the energy at a Florida Gators football game in Gainesville, where you become part of “The Swamp”.

Surrounded by 90,000 cheering fans, feel the excitement of SEC college football.

When in town, don’t miss exploring Gainesville’s attractions, from diverse ecosystems at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park to unique food joints. One TripAdvisor reviewer raves about the park’s incredible scenery.

Savor Gainesville’s culinary scene, with options like unconventional pizza joints and the Sippin’ Seven Alachua County Ale Trail. Your taste buds will thank you.

Lastly, immerse yourself in Gainesville’s culture – explore museums, galleries, or simply wander around this vibrant college town.

33. Busch Gardens in Tampa

Welcome to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, a family adventure destination where thrilling rides, entertaining shows, and animal encounters await you!

Busch Gardens Rides

Hop on the adrenaline-pumping Cheetah Hunt roller coaster and feel the speed of the mighty cheetah.

Dive into the cooling water rides like Stanley Falls Flume to escape Florida’s heat. Don’t forget about the seasonal Bier Fest with its selection of beers and tasty food options.

Cherish unforgettable experiences at the park and see why visitors rave about its perfect combination of thrilling attractions and beautiful landscape. You’re in for a wild adventure in Busch Gardens Tampa Bay!

34. Bok Tower Gardens

Discover the enchanting Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. Bask in the beauty of its walking trails, lush native plants, and captivating views atop one of Florida’s most mountainous regions.

Bok Tower Gardens

Don’t miss the 205-foot art deco and neo-Gothic Singing Tower carillon that presents a spectacle as it resonates throughout the gardens.

When you visit, treat yourself to a mesmerizing experience of Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.’s brilliantly designed landscaped gardens on your stroll along the Pine Ridge Trail. Keep an ear out for captivating carillon music played at various times throughout your exploration.

One ecstatic TripAdvisor reviewer states, “Bok Tower Gardens offers a beautiful and serene atmosphere, perfect for a day outdoors.” Indeed, Bok Tower Gardens invigorates your senses and welcomes you to indulge in nature’s captivating charm.

Don’t forget to explore the 50 acres of gardens, venture onto the hiking trails, and snap photos of the El Retiro Estate while checking off Bok Tower Gardens from your Florida bucket list.

35. Harry P. Leu Gardens

Discover a breathtaking variety of plant life at the Harry P. Leu Gardens. Wander through a collection of more than 15,000 plants, many native and exotic, enveloping you in their beauty.

Harry P. Leu Gardens

Explore themed gardens such as the butterfly garden, or experience the captivating beauty of the rose garden.

Time your visit just right and enjoy free admission to the gardens on the first Monday of every month from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, as mentioned in this article. Don’t forget to tour the historical Leu House, an 18th-century mansion, with guided tours running every half hour.

Why not treat yourself to a day of family fun by attending one of the outdoor events, such as movies, storytelling, or live music?

Lastly, while in the area, consider grabbing a delicious bite and locally sourced items at the trendy East End Market, just a half-mile from the garden entrance.

35 Things to do in Florida: A Recap

Florida is an amazing destination, offering everything from stunning beaches to fascinating historical sites.

Whether you’re exploring the Everglades National Park or swimming with manatees in Crystal River, there’s something for everyone.

Also, don’t miss out on Florida’s cultural gems, like touring the Ybor City. It’s the perfect blend of history, nature, and unique local crafts!

Remember to keep an open mind, be adventurous, and most importantly, have fun. All that’s left now is to pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

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